What Catastrophic Injuries are Commonly Suffered in NJ Car Accidents?

Many people are seriously injured in New Jersey auto accidents every day. Sadly, many of these injuries will never fully heal and victims will likely struggle with decreased physical and mental abilities. Catastrophic injuries are those injuries that change a victim’s life forever, common examples of those suffered in car accidents include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, limb amputations, burn injuries, and severe bone fractures.

One of the most commonly suffered catastrophic injuries involves head trauma. Victims of serious head injuries may suffer from a wide range of long-lasting symptoms including memory issues, emotional and behavioral changes, decreased physical abilities, and difficulties with communication. Additionally, complications with performing everyday tasks such as walking, talking, feeding, or bathing themselves can arise.

Other serious injuries that may be classified as catastrophic involve damage to the back or neck. When the vertebrae are twisted, crushed, or impacted, there is the potential for the spinal cord to sustain damage. Victims of these types of accidents may experience numbness or lack of physical ability around or below the site of the trauma.

Some victims experience catastrophic burn injuries when their vehicle becomes engulfed in flames. Permanent and deep burns can often require expensive medical treatments. Victims may also become scarred and disfigured, which can affect them socially, emotionally, and professionally.

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