Kearny Industrial Worker Killed by Flying Piece of Aluminum

A Kearny, New Jersey worker at an industrial firm was killed when he was struck by a piece of aluminum that shot out of a fabricating machine. According to The Associated Press, the accident occurred on May 26 and is currently being investigated by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in case the accident was caused by unsafe work conditions.

Reports indicate that the New Jersey worker was operating a fabricating machine when it made an unusual sound, leading to the man turning it off. When the machine was turned off, a piece of aluminum shot out, striking him in the head and neck. The worker died from his injuries a short time later at a nearby hospital. The man has been described as a longtime employee that was well liked at his workplace.

When a worker suffers a fatal work injury in New Jersey, his or her family has the right to receive workers’ compensation for their losses. Workers’ comp can provide funds for burial and funeral costs and loss of wages that support those that once depended on the working family member.

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