Four Killed in Newark Three-Alarm Fire

A three-year-old girl, a four-year-old boy, a teenage boy and an adult man were killed in a New Jersey fire that started in an abandoned building. According to a report by The Star Ledger, the fatal fire occurred on Brookdale Avenue in Newark. The fire spread from a vacant building to occupied, three-story wood framed buildings on the same side of the road. The three-alarm fire resulted in fatal injuries to four occupants who were in one of the neighboring buildings. It is unclear what started the building fire or who was in the boarded up building at the time.

All building owners must ensure that their properties are built to code and properly maintained. When a fire results in fatalities, it must be determined how the fire occurred, why it spread and how it could have been prevented. Were there properly working fire extinguishers and fire alarms? Did the buildings have a sprinkler system in place? Were there electrical issues? Did the fire start as a result of criminal activity? If the fire began in an abandoned building, who was responsible for making sure the building was safe and secure?

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