New Jersey Port Authority Reports Decline in Injury Accidents

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey keeps track of all injury accidents that occur on their bridges, in their tunnels, and at their airports and marine terminals. According to an Occupational Health & Safety report, a press release from the authority announces a 36 percent decrease in traffic accidents since the year 2000. Officials report that in the year 2011, there were 6,291 auto accidents in the areas that the Port Authority controls. That number reflects a five percent decrease since the year 2010. Since 2000, accidents at bridges and tunnels have decreased 34 percent, airport accidents have been reduced by 39 percent, and there are 32 percent fewer accidents at marine terminals.

NJ Bridge Auto AccidentThe Port Authority uses accident data to determine where accidents are most likely to occur. For example, a high number of rear-end collisions resulted in improvements in the North Tube of the Lincoln Tunnel. A high rate of sideswipe and rear-end accidents inspired changes to the Holland Tunnel at 14th Street and Marin Boulevard in New Jersey.

The governing body in charge of a roadway has many legal responsibilities. For example, they must make sure the roadway is properly designed and maintained. Once the governing entity in charge of the roadway finds out that a location is dangerous, it is their legal obligation to take actions to prevent future accidents. A skilled attorney can hold a governing body accountable for failing to uphold their legal obligations.

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