Overloaded Trucks Can Cause Tragic NJ Accidents

Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to stop your car when it is full of passengers and cargo? Imagine how much more difficult it must be to stop a tractor-trailer that has been overloaded. Weight becomes momentum. A trailer that is overloaded can make a truck extremely difficult to stop. Overloaded trucks are also more prone to truck brake failures and to swerving out of control in an emergency situation.

NJ Overloaded Tractor Trailer AccidentToo much weight can cause truck tires to burst and brakes to fail. Overloaded trucks are a hazard when traveling uphill and downhill. Heavy trucks require a much longer time to stop and they are more likely to roll over while making a turn. Overloaded trucks can even cause significant damage to roadways that were not built for such heavy loads.

To combat the many dangers of overloaded trucks, there are a number of trucking laws in place that dictate how much weight a commercial truck can carry. Regulations restrict the weight of the cargo, the weight on each axle, the weight on the tires, and how the weight is distributed. There are also restrictions on what roads, bridges, and overpasses heavy trucks are allowed.

Weight stations are posted along New Jersey’s highways to monitor the amount of cargo each truck is carrying. Unfortunately, some truck drivers are allowed to continue with overloaded trucks after only facing a ticket. Others avoid regulations by driving where there are fewer weight stations. Truck drivers and trucking companies that violate weight limits put everyone on the roadway at risk.

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