Married Couple Killed in New Jersey Pedestrian Crash

A husband and wife, both 51, were killed in a recent New Jersey car accident after a driver lost control and struck five pedestrians. According to The Daily Record, the fatal pedestrian accident occurred about three quarters of a mile from Young Israel of East Brunswick at Dunhams Corner Road and Hardenburg Lane. Officials are looking into whether the 49-year-old female driver lost control of the 1998 Toyota Avalon when her dog distracted her.

The Toyota swerved out of control, struck a utility pole, hit the five pedestrians, and crashed into a guardrail. The married couple was killed and their son has already undergone multiple surgeries for his serious injuries. The driver has not been cited for the fatal pedestrian crash.

New Jersey law does not allow pets to travel freely inside a vehicle. A loose pet is considered a form of distracted driving that is punishable by a ticket and even jail time. N.J.S.A. 4:22-18 is meant to prevent drivers from being distracted by their pet. According to a press release by the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, 20 percent of surveyed drivers admitted to letting their dog ride on their lap and 31 percent said they were truly distracted by the pet regardless of where it was in the car.

Distracted drivers can be held civilly liable for the accidents they cause. The family of someone killed by a distracted driver can pursue compensation for their tragic loss by filing a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver.

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