Midland Park Intersection Crash Injures Three

At least three people were injured in a New Jersey car accident that occurred at a busy three-way intersection. According to The Wyckoff Patch, the injury accident occurred at the intersection of Godwin Avenue and Prospect Street in Midland Park. Officials say the collision occurred near Midland Park Highland Avenue Elementary School. At least three people were treated at the scene and transported to a nearby hospital. It is not clear how the collision occurred or if anyone will face citations for the collision.

According to The New Jersey Department of Transportation, there were 32,733 car accidents in Bergen County in the year 2011. The report states that there were more car crashes in Bergen County than any other county that year. Of those Bergen County accidents, 6,877 resulted in injuries.

Many Bergen County accidents occur at intersections. Some crashes occur after a driver fails to obey the traffic lights or stop signs. In other instances, the accident results from a failure to yield the right of way. Drivers can also cause intersection accidents by driving distracted, operating a vehicle over the speed limit, or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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