Ocean County Dangerous for Pedestrians

Ocean County Pedestrian Accident StatsOcean County was recently ranked sixth among the worst New Jersey Counties for fatal pedestrian accidents. The Tri-State Transportation Campaign released a report showing that the number of fatally injured pedestrians decreased this year in New Jersey, but the fatality rate for people aged 60 and up increased. According to MyCentralJersey.com, the report has inspired advocacy groups to call for safe routes for seniors.

The only counties listed as more dangerous than Ocean County for pedestrians were Hudson, Essex, Camden, Passaic, and Bergen counties. The report also stated that 17 elderly pedestrians were killed in Bergen County, 16 were killed in Essex, and 14 were killed in Ocean. It is important to pay attention to this recent increase in fatal pedestrian accidents involving individuals 60 and older. By the year 2030, more than one in five people in the tri-state region will be 65 or older.

Many elderly pedestrian accidents occur at locations where there is no crosswalk, sidewalk, or streetlights. Some areas simply do not have the infrastructure to provide safe travel for pedestrians. In such cases, it is the government’s responsibility to recognize the issue and to find the funding to fix it.

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