The Dangers of Deer versus Car Accidents in New Jersey

NJ Deer Car CollisionHundreds of people are injured in New Jersey car accidents involving deer each year. The New Jersey Department of Transportation reports that 1,813 people were injured in 34,990 deer-related accidents between January 2008 and June 2012. Officials say those statistics may be low considering the number of unreported accidents. According to a news report in, the insurance industry estimates that vehicles in New Jersey struck 30,866 deer in the year 2010 alone. It is important to understand these statistics because white-tailed deer are on the move this season in New Jersey.

Officials with Middlesex County as well as Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon, Essex, Passaic, and Bergen counties issue warnings each year regarding deer accidents. Drivers are advised to exercise extra caution this season because commuting times often align with peak deer activity. This is the season when deer are searching for mates. Therefore, they run around more and behave unpredictably.

Drivers can reduce their chances of being involved in deer-related accidents by traveling at or below the speed limit. It is also important to keep an eye on the sides of roadway. If you are approaching a location where deer may be present, slow down and flash your lights. It may also help to blast your horn to get them out of the road. When given the option, travel near the center lane so that you’ll have more space between your vehicle and grazing deer at the sides of the road.

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