Identifying Teenage Drivers Reduces Car Accidents in NJ

A new study shows that the red decal that all young drivers must display in New Jersey has prevented thousands of accidents. According to researchers at Temple University, more than 1,600 New Jersey car accidents have been prevented since drivers under the age of 21 have been required to display the red decal on their license plates. The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, compared New Jersey accident statistics and citations from the two years before the decal law began and crashes that occurred after the law went into effect. In its first year, the decal law resulted in 14 percent more citations to new drivers and a decrease in crashes involving peer passengers by nine percent.

The decal law is named Kyleigh’s Law after a teen driver who was killed in the year 2006. Since the law went into effect in May 2010, drivers under the age of 21 have had to acquire and display a red sticker on their vehicle. This helps police officers know which motorist is underage, in order to determine if they are violating New Jersey’s graduated license program.

Having the sticker is a useful tool because there are thousands of young drivers on the roadway at any given time. According to a news report in Health Day News, there are approximately 65,000 17-year-old drivers who are on probation on New Jersey’s roads at any given time. Many New Jersey injury accidents involve young drivers. The enforcement of the graduated license program is key to preventing these types of accidents.

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