Derailment Spurs Investigation into Safety of New Jersey Railways

On November 30, seven cars on an 84-car train derailed over Mantua Creek in Paulsboro resulting in the spillage of thousands of gallons of vinyl chloride. More than 200 homes were evacuated and dozens of people were examined in area hospitals for side effects or symptoms of toxic exposure. According to an ABC7 news report, the derailment has encouraged officials to demand inspections of rail bridges throughout New Jersey. Currently, rail companies in New Jersey conduct their own inspections and report on their own accidents. Officials are looking into whether more governmental oversight is needed when it comes to these bridges.

When New Jersey railway companies fail to properly inspect, maintain, and repair their trains and railroads, the resulting consequences can be catastrophic. Train derailment can lead to devastating collisions or the release of toxic gases or liquids that can have adverse public health effects.

Anyone who has suffered losses in a New Jersey train accident or as the result of derailment or train accident-related toxic exposure would be well advised to obtain more information regarding his or her legal rights and options. It might be possible to hold the at-fault railroad company or the agency responsible for maintaining the bridge liable for the incident and injuries. In such cases, compensation may be available for medical bills, lost wages, hospitalization, treatment, and pain and suffering.

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