What is the New Jersey Transit Bike Aboard Program?

New Jersey Transit wants to provide bicyclists the greatest amount of accommodations possible. According to njtransit.com, bicycle access to terminals, facilities, and services is encouraged and supported by New Jersey Transit. Permits are not required to bring bicycles on board trains, buses, and on light rail systems. All station platforms allow bicycle access, and there is no extra charge for bringing bicycles aboard. New Jersey Transit provides a convenient way to transport your bicycle and encourages combining transit and bicycling.

On buses with bike racks mounted on the front, bicycles are permitted at all times. Bicycles are also permitted on buses equipped with under floor luggage compartments on a first-come basis. At least half of the current New Jersey Transit bus fleet is currently bike friendly. Buses which are articulated (bend in the middle) cannot accommodate bicycles.

The following information is offered by bicycle friendly New Jersey Transit and the law firm of Lependorf & Silverstein:

  • Prior to the arrival of the bus, all loose items should be taken off the bicycle.
  • Bus racks do not accommodate bicycles with child seats.
  • Bus racks do not accommodate tandem bicycles.
  • The use of bike locks is prohibited on bus racks, so New Jersey Transit recommends the bicycle owner sit close to the front of the bus in order to make sure the bicycle is safe.
  • Inform the bus driver prior to loading a bicycle. The bus driver cannot, for safety reasons, leave the bus to help load the bicycle, but he or she can give instructions.

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