Another Four Die on New Jersey Roads over Memorial Day Weekend

On Memorial Day weekend of 2012, four people lost their lives on New Jersey roads. According to statewide law enforcement officials, four people again died on New Jersey highways over the Memorial Day weekend.

According to, the crashes were located in Clifton on Route 3, in Woodbridge on the Garden State Parkway, in Sussex County on Route 23, and in Atlantic County in Hammonton. New Jersey State Police Sergeant Adam Grossman stated that the four fatalities occurred in four separate accidents at these locations. Two of those who died were drivers, and two were passengers in the vehicles involved. All four accidents remain under investigation.

Sergeant Grossman said that New Jersey State Police had the goal of zero deaths on the state’s highways over the Memorial Day weekend and were disappointed that the total number of fatalities remained the same as last year’s total.

The single positive over the holiday weekend is the fact that during the annual crackdown period on drunk driving, the number of arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) went down as compared to the number of arrests during Memorial Day weekend one year ago. A total of 83 DUI arrests were made, down from 117 in 2012. The drop was significant, down 30 percent, and Sergeant Grossman said that the decrease in DUI arrests and summonses demonstrated progress. The goal of stepped up DUI enforcement on the part of the New Jersey State Police is to stop motorists from drinking while behind the wheel.

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