Rider Training of New Jersey (RTNJ)

The focus of Rider Training of New Jersey (RTNJ) is to increase the skill and awareness of motorcyclists on the part of the general public. According to ridertrainingnj.com, RTNJ is a non-profit offering instructional programs for riders of every ability level – from the novice to the veteran rider. Whatever your skill level, RTNJ can make you a safer, better motorcyclist.

RTNJ uses the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum. That curriculum has been established by the MFA based on more than 40 years’ worth of data on motorcycle accidents. According to the MFA, 400,000 motorcyclists enroll in motorcycle training/safety courses every year. Studies have found that the vast majority of riders who were involved in motorcycle accidents were either taught informally by friends or family members or were self-taught…

RTNJ instructors are certified as motor vehicle commission testers by the State of New Jersey. They are further certified as rider coaches by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Among their ranks are motorcycle enthusiasts, mechanics, avid riders, and motorcycle racers. RTNJ has some of the most experienced teachers and is one of the longest running motorcycle operation training organizations in the state. If you have always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, earn your motorcycle operator’s license, and become a safe, skilled rider, then Rider Training of New Jersey is the place for you.

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