Three Injured in Winslow Township Crash

Three people suffered serious injuries and two others were injured in a New Jersey car accident involving four vehicles. According to a WPVI news report, the car crash occurred on the eastbound Atlantic City Expressway between Exits 41 and 38 in Winslow Township.

Officials say a Toyota sedan rear-ended a dump truck and flipped over. A Ford F-250 and a Honda Accord both struck the upside-down Toyota. The driver of the Toyota and a person in the Honda were flown to a nearby hospital for treatment. Another person in the Honda suffered serious injuries. The drivers of the Ford F-250 and the dump truck sustained minor injuries but refused treatment. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

There are many questions that must be asked by investigators whenever a rear-end collision results in a multiple car pileup:

  • Was the rear driver speeding, distracted, impaired, or drowsy?
  • Were hazardous roadway conditions a contributing factor in the initial collision?
  • Did the front driver suddenly brake or change lanes?
  • Was the rear-ending driver cut-off?
  • Why were the other vehicles unable to avoid the collision?
  • Was the negligence of more than one driver responsible for the crash?

The answers to these types of questions will determine who should be held financially liable for the crash and who may be able to pursue support for their injuries. Ideally, the injured victims will be offered financial support for their medical bills, lost wages, suffering, and other related damages. When multiple vehicles and insurance companies are involved, however, injured victims typically receive inadequate settlements that do not fully cover their losses. In such cases, a skilled personal injury lawyer will be needed to get the victims the support they need.

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