What to Do After a New Jersey Bicycle Accident

What you do after a bicycle accident can be critical when it comes to protecting your legal rights. It might have an impact on how much compensation you recover for your injuries, damages, and losses. The actions you take in the aftermath of an accident can also affect the outcome of any lawsuits that are filed as a result of the incident.

There are several steps you can take after a bicycle accident. First, remain as calm as possible. Wait for the police to arrive at the scene so that they can file a report. This is important to do even if you believe that you have not been injured in the accident. Filing a police report creates a record of what happened and gets your account of the incident on the record.

Do not make any type of attempt to negotiate with the driver. Do not make any statements that can be used against you later. Make sure that you take photos of the scene, the positions of the involved vehicles, and your injuries. Obtain contact information for all parties involved in the incident as well as for those who may have seen the accident and can serve as witnesses later. Also, obtain all important information including insurance, driver’s license, vehicle registration, etc.

It is also important that you seek immediate medical attention for your injuries, even if you believe that they are minor. When you seek medical attention, it will serve as proof that you were injured and the medical record will act as a documentation of the nature and extent of your injuries. Make sure you preserve all evidence, especially the damaged bike. Do not wash the clothes that you were wearing at the time. Do not give anyone else access to the evidence other than your attorney.

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