Fighting Off Cabin Fever during New Jersey’s Freezing Winter Months

As New Jersey is blanketed by yet another inch of snow, residents across the state find themselves trapped indoors, watching for signs of spring. While the “polar vortex” may have caused work and school to be canceled for many, that’s little consolation for the restlessness and general unease of spending another day cooped up at home.

Here are a few tips to help you get through the seemingly unending winter chill.

A Change of Scenery – While it may seem like it’s too simple to be effective, rearranging the furniture throughout your home will make each room feel fresh. Purge items that go unused and breathe a sigh of relief.

Get Creative in the Kitchen – Remember all those nights you’re too exhausted to step foot in the kitchen, let alone prepare a meal? Now that you have hours to kill, spend your time testing out new baking and cooking recipes. Added bonus? There’s nothing that will make you more glad to be home than the smell of fresh baked goods.

Change Your Diet – While we’re on the subject of food, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that variety is a quick way to boost your mood. You may feel like curling up for yet another bowl of soup, but dig into some lean proteins or vitamin D nutrients for a pick-me-up.

Get an Indoor Hobby
– If you’ve ever had an urge to learn a new hobby, there’s no better time than winter. Whether you want to take up knitting, model building, or gaming, losing yourself in learning a new skill or game can go a long way in improving your mood while being productive.

Don’t Forget to Move – It’s all too easy to become stationary when you’re hunkered inside from the below freezing temperatures outside. But there are plenty of ways to exercise and stay active at home. Follow along with workout videos online, practice yoga for an hour, or get in some cardio on the treadmill.

How have you been dealing with the heavy snow and freezing rain? Let us know in the comments!