Truck Driver Injured in New Jersey Turnpike Crash

A driver was injured in a New Jersey car accident involving two cars and two tractor-trailers. According to a news report in The South Jersey Times, the truck accident occurred near Interchange 3 in Cherry Hill Township. Officials say a wheel and rim came off a tractor-trailer and struck another 18-wheeler, causing it to turn over. Its driver was trapped for almost an hour. He was airlifted to a hospital in Camden with serious injuries. No other injuries were reported in the crash.

When a truck part flies into traffic or fails to work properly, nearby motorists can be put in harm’s way. There can be many liable parties in these types of accidents, including:

  • Trucking Companies: All trucking companies are responsible for keeping maintenance logs that document the work that is done on the vehicle as well as all repair requests made by drivers.
  • Truck Drivers: Before every workday, truck drivers are required by law to inspect their vehicles. They must inspect the brakes, steering, tires, lights, reflectors, under-ride protection, emergency equipment, and coupling devices. They must also review the last driver’s post-trip inspection report.
  • Truck Owners: In some cases, the truck owner is responsible for failing to make repairs that could have prevented the accident.
  • Truck Part Manufacturers: Some truck accidents result not from the negligence of the truck driver, but from that of the truck part manufacturer. Companies that sell defectively designed or assembled parts can be held accountable for the accidents they cause.

If you have been involved in a New Jersey truck accident, make sure you take the steps necessary to protect your rights. Notify the authorities, gather evidence, collect contact information, and seek out immediate medical attention. You may be able to pursue financial compensation for your pain and suffering, time away from work, medical bills, and other related damages. Please contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer to further examine your legal rights and options.