New Jersey Motorcyclist Killed by Deer

A 36-year-old Hillsborough man was killed in a New Jersey motorcycle accident when his 2008 BMW R12 collided with a deer. According to a news report, the fatal motorcycle crash occurred near the former Gibraltar Rock Quarry entrance on County Route 601 in Montgomery Township. Officials say he was ejected from his motorcycle after colliding with a deer. He was treated at the scene and admitted in extremely critical condition in New Brunswick. Later that day, he died from his injuries.

As the temperature begins to drop, we can expect an increase in the number of deer-related traffic accidents. In fact, autumn is when the most New Jersey deer accidents occur. Deer often act unpredictably during the fall as it is their mating season.

According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, there are over 100,000 deer living in New Jersey. State Farm Insurance estimates that there are about 26,860 reported deer-vehicle collisions in New Jersey each year. Therefore, whenever you are out riding or driving, you should:

• Slow down if you see a deer.
• If a deer does not move, wait for it to make the first move before driving around.
• Stay extra attentive in areas near “deer crossing” signs.
• Remain vigilant when driving at daybreak and dusk.
• Use high beams at night when there is no oncoming traffic.
• Be aware that one deer is often followed by others.
• If you are about to crash, do not swerve. Instead, apply the brake while remaining in your lane.

Hitting a deer is typically a covered loss. This means that victims of deer accidents can often pursue financial compensation for their physical injuries and property damage through their own insurance policy. Getting fair compensation, however, can prove difficult when the victim is seriously injured or killed. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey, our Princeton personal injury lawyer can help you secure fair and full compensation for all your losses.