Protect Yourself from Winter Weather Slip and Fall Accidents in New Jersey

The winter weather in New Jersey opens up the prospect of sledding, skiing, building snow forts, and other exciting adventures for the whole family. Yet a day of fun – or even a day at work – can turn into a tragedy in an instant if a slip and fall accident occurs. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries, or worse, result in permanent disability or death.

You can help protect yourself and others from slip and fall injuries this winter. Keep these tips in mind:

• Leave yourself a little more time to walk to and from your car or other destinations. Simply walking more slowly can help you avoid a fall.

• Choose winter footwear with deep, non-skid treads. If necessary, wear your winter boots or footwear when you are outdoors and change your shoes once you reach work or home.

• Remember that not all ice can be seen, especially on parking lots and sidewalks. If the weather is below freezing, expect invisible “black ice” to appear. Similarly, obstacles in your path might be buried in deep snow.

• Step carefully when you enter a building. The melting slush and water tracked in by visitors can create puddles and slippery spots.

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