The Dangers of Faulty Home And Garden Equipment

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently announced a recall of over 1,700 John Deere lawn tractors. The recall concerns a faulty brake arm that can fail while the vehicle is in motion, making it a potential crash hazard. The recalled mowers were sold between May and August of this year at stores nationwide for anywhere between $1,700 and $2,700. If you or a family member purchased one of these machines, it is highly recommended you stop using it and contact a local John Deere dealer for a free repair. Failing to do so could result in serious injury or death.

Home appliances, tools and machinery used around the yard can pose a serious safety hazard if they malfunction. Tractors, weed-trimmers, snowplows and other devices with rotating blades to clear brush or debris can be particularly dangerous. It is important to thoroughly read the directions prior to use and keep an eye out for any signs of malfunction. If the machine does anything out of the ordinary that comes close to harming you or a family member, consider taking the following steps:

*Put the machine in a location out of the elements. Try not to expose the product to any more snow, rain or sunlight than necessary. It is now a piece of evidence and must be preserved for further investigation.

*Seek medical help. The sooner you’re able to get treatment and obtain a medical report detailing your injuries, the better.

*Contact a product liability attorney as soon as possible. You may not be the first one who has had trouble with the item in question – and if you are – then an attorney will be able to advise you on potential next steps.

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