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A 10 year old boy was seriously injured while riding the Psycho Swing and Blackbeard’s Cave in Bayville when a faulty restraining belt broke, causing the boy to be knocked around the inside of the ride’s cockpit. This child suffered two broken ankles which will permanently impair his mobility for the rest of his life. The amusement park agreed to pay $1 million to compensate the boy and his family.

Regardless of the cause of these types of dangerous amusement park accidents, be it mechanical failure, operator error, or design defects and limitations, the park must be held accountable for the injuries any patron suffers while enjoying the venues attractions. Premises liability injuries like this one occur everyday and are not limited to amusement parks. Dangerous accidents can occur anywhere; in businesses, like a store or restaurant; on public streets or other government properties; or even a private home.

Amusement parks, wave parks, ballparks, and all other places that entertain the public have certain legal duties to make sure rides and attractions are safe. If you or a family member is injured during summer activities, it is important to contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney as soon as possible to determine if there is any liability.