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A 63-year-old Newark man was injured after a steel beam dangling from a construction crane on the New Jersey Turnpike swung and lopped off the top of his van. According to a news report in The Times of Trenton, the New Jersey construction accident occurred on the turnpike just south of Interchange 8. State troopers say construction workers who were working on the turnpike-widening project were trying to lift a steal beam with a crane. The force of the impact cut off the top of the man’s Econoline van, causing it to overturn. He was left with facial lacerations, but his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. Officials are investigating the cause of this accident.

Construction crane accidents can result in serious injuries or even fatalities. According to the web site, there were 303 crane accidents in the United States in 2009, in which 197 people died. Crane accidents may be caused by operator error or negligence, a defective or malfunctioning crane, weather or wind conditions, and improper loading.

If a “bystander” or passerby is injured in a construction crane accident, the construction company and/or the agency that is undertaking the construction can be held liable for the victim’s injuries. A number of questions may arise in such cases. Did the workers load the crane correctly? Was there a violation of safety procedures at the construction site, which caused or contributed to the incident? Were the workers properly trained and supervised?