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A Paterson worker was killed on Tuesday, August 31, when a forklift collapsed, crushing him underneath a car, an article on reports. Another worker was injured as he tried to help the other man. The two Beji Dismantling employees were working on a silver Mercury vehicle when the forklift gave way. Police, rescue crews and OSHA representatives were dispatched and the man who was crushed was pronounced dead at the scene. The injured worker was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

The reason for the New Jersey heavy machinery accident is not known at this time. A mechanical component on the forklift could have malfunctioned or may have been defective. An investigation into the accident will determine if all Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations were being followed at the job site and whether or not the forklift could have been defective, causing the wrongful death and serious injuries of the workers. In the event that safety standards were not adhered to, the employer of the two workers may be held responsible. If the forklift itself is found to have a design flaw that contributed to the accident, the manufacturer of the forklift may be held liable as well.

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